Highest Level of Professional Standards
Although Tan Peng Chin LLC is medium-sized, many of our lawyers have worked in global firms such as Freshfields and Baker & McKenzie, or major Singapore law firms affiliated with international names like Linklaters, Herbert Smith, Lovells and Johnson Stokes & Master.

Our lawyers are thus used to providing legal services of the highest standard, while meeting the expectations of the most demanding clients.

Specialists at Your Service
All our lawyers are specialists in their respective areas of practice.

You will therefore be advised by professionals who keep abreast of the latest legal developments, and are well-versed in current market practices of your business.

Our Culture of Learning, Caring and Sharing
Even though our lawyers are specialists, our Firm cultivates a working environment where they are able to openly share their expertise and experience, and co-operate to provide the best solutions to our clients.

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that profit is shared amongst our shareholders based on a point system, rather than their individual billings, or that so long as the Firm does well, all our lawyers get roughly the same amount of bonus provided they work hard.

We Won’t Burn a Hole in Your Pocket
As a medium-sized firm, with over 30 lawyers and 40 support staff, we are better able to control cost, making our fees more competitive.

Forging Ties that Last a Lifetime
Our people believe in building relationships that last a lifetime, be it within the Firm or with our clients.

Several of our lawyers started with us as pupils and are now directors or heads of our Departments or Practice Groups.

Our clients appreciate not having to brief a different lawyer each time they instruct us on a matter, and that our lawyers grow with their business, and have become their good friends rather than just trusted legal advisers over the years.

Communication without Boundaries
Being a medium-sized firm, we are less bureaucratic. As we seek to make our clients our friends, you would be able to discuss a legal strategy, or obtain our preliminary advice on matters, without worrying about being charged.

Quality Not Quantity
No law firm can handle all available cases.

Our aim is not to be “master of the universe”, but to assist corporations and individuals with legal problems to the best of our abilities. Rather than undertake numerous cases and offer mediocre solutions, we prefer to handle fewer cases while delivering services of the highest standards.

Knowledge is Power
Tan Peng Chin LLC has a full-time lawyer who is in charge of our Knowledge Management and Infobank. Prior to joining us, Ms Sangeet Kaur was heading the Knowledge Management team at Freshfields Singapore.

This is another means by which we are able to ensure that the expertise and experience acquired by any lawyer is shared with all the other lawyers in the Firm.

Riding on the IT Wave
Our Firm employs the most advanced software and information technology to best service our clients.

Even lawyers who have joined us from well-established firms are impressed by the novel and imaginative ways we harness IT to enhance productivity in the Firm.

Multilingual Expertise
Sometime back, our client China Construction Bank organised a workshop for their General Managers from all over China in Singapore. Two of our lawyers were invited to give a one day lecture, entirely in Mandarin, on International Banking Best Practices to all their General Managers.

In addition to Mandarin, our Chinese lawyers are conversant in most of the main Chinese dialects including Hokkien, Cantonese, Hakka and Teochew. The other languages which our lawyers are familiar with are Malay, Bahasa Indonesia, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Punjabi and German.

Our Lips are Sealed
Our lawyers are fully aware that we are privy to information which you, our client, would not even disclose to your spouse. Our lawyers take client confidentiality seriously and will discuss client matters only with colleagues on a need-to-know basis. As such, our clients have nothing to fear even if their spouse becomes a very good friend of any of our lawyers' spouse.

Retainer Services
If you have substantial legal work, but do not wish to set up your own in-house legal department, you may engage us on retainer, where our whole firm will then become your in-house legal department.